Friday, June 7, 2013

Ballet, the Runway: CFC 2013

 For this year's annual Cornell Fashion Collective spring runway show, I decided (possibly/probably due to my not-even-close-to-realized life dream of becoming a ballerina - I've never even taken dance classes) to design ballet costumes.  The idea behind the designs is a that the dancers begin a number in wintery, snowflake costumes and then remove them to reveal nude, floral, springtime garments with a Garden of Eden, new life, rebirth kind of feel.  My lovely models (actual ballerinas), Emily and Nikki, danced on the runway and pulled off the on-stage wardrobe change seamlessly, unzipping the white tutus mid-twirl and perfectly in sync with one another.  Also, their smizing is impeccable; you rocked it, ladies.  I'm already working on next year's designs - get ready gals.

For videos of the entire student fashion show:
The Cornell Fashion Collective's official web page:!__main