Monday, November 12, 2012

Dress Shirt, Minus the Shirt Part

 Made this out of an old dress shirt that my dad gave me.  The back pleat is at the front of the bodice, the collar forms a waist band, and the button-down part acts as the back closure down the skirt.  Thanks stellar photographer Missa!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Street Style and More

I'm back at CollegeFashionista this semester and writing for a new site, as well.  (Hence why House of Violet has been pretty inactive for awhile.  I'm not sure why I thought two magazine internships plus school was wise...)  Anyway, the site I've just started doing editorial spreads for is called LookMazing, and it is a neat concept.  It combines social media with street style with fashion blogging with online shopping, and probably  many other vague points on the fashion website spectrum that I can't pinpoint at the moment.  Basically, you become a member and post looks you find online or photograph yourself and then tag all the items with similar ones available for purchase on LookMazing.  They carry pretty much every brand you can imagine.  Then, you can browse other looks and put items in your wishlist.  When you buy things, they show up in your virtual closet.  You can also choose to "admire" (it's like following or friending) other members if you like their uploaded looks. You can then browse their wishlists and closets and "wink" at things that you like. So it can function as a place to check for style tips, a place to connect with other fashionistas/os, or place to shop - with several thousand stylists on hand for inspiration.

As if this wasn't cool enough, there is an interactive magazine - this is where I come in. (yay!) The magazine has features on members whose style is show-worthy and captures street style in an array of settings.  It also has trend stories based on runway looks and happenings in the blog sphere.  Within the editorials, you can click on any look to get more information, purchase the individual pieces, or put them on your wishlist.

Check out my articles that have been posted so far and become a member!

Make-up Feature on Purple Mascara - includes video tutorials
Two-page spread on Animal Prints
Two pages of Halloween costume ideas - I realize it's a bit after-the-fact on this one...but it's never too soon to think about next year!  I wanted to be a toddler in tiara this year and didn't have time (what with all my other costumes like Madeline and 50 Shades of Grey) so I'm already putting it aside for future tutu-ing.

Links to my CollegeFashionista style advice columns coming soon. xo.