Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Activities

So I'm interning with CollegeFashionista this summer, officially kicking off today.  My first post was just to be a bio - here's the link!

Every Monday from now until August, however, I'll be doing a feature article on an artful fashionista that I encounter in my travels around the 'burgh, NYC, and wherever else I make it this summer.  My column is called "Style Advice of the Week," so I'll be zeroing in on something in particular that the fashionista (or fashionisto, as the male version is apparently called, to be politically correct about a term that even my Safari browser knows isn't a word), has done right, or that is on trend, or that I just like for some reason.  I'll be sure to post the links here, but I'm going to try to keep up with actual House of Violet posts, too!
I needed a photo for my bio, but my friend and I got a little carried away with our photo shoot...

Collective Concepts maxi skirt, Free People shirt, J. Crew necklace and bracelet, Nine West sandals

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