Thursday, June 14, 2012

Searching For Inspiration

Just watched two of my all time favorite Christmas movies:  The Holiday, with all star cast Jack Black, Kate Winslett, Cameron Diez, and Jude Law; and A Muppet Christmas Carol (all star cast self explanatory).  I'm helping Kiya Tomlin design her autumn/winter/holiday line of girls' dresses this summer, and I am struggling to get into the spirit of things.  My brain can't seem to turn off the summer mindset, and it's coming out in the totally inappropriate designs I've come up with so far.  It's like I have a mental block on weighty fabrics, dark colors, and sleeves.  Where are the reds and golds?  The velvet bows?  The sparkle, the glow?  (Sorry, the rhyme was just begging to be used there.)  Thankfully, I think the movies are helping.  If you've never seen them, you are seriously missing out on a warm, wonderful feeling that spreads from your stomach all the way out to your extremities - the kind that makes you actually smile and then you realize you're smiling and blush in embarrassment on top it, but you still can't stop smiling.  The Holiday has all the elements of the best ever movie:  Christmas, New Year's Eve, hot couple who meet and immediately have sex but still fall in love afterward, adorable couple that takes longer to get together so you're really rooting for them, Jack Black's humor, Jude Law's smile, an adorable and wise old man, two little girls with British accents and a TENT in their bedroom, AND a phenomenal soundtrack with heartwarming instrumental compositions mixed with Christmas classics mixed with some actual good songs.  The Muppet movie, again, speaks for itself.  Sorry this has almost nothing to do with fashion, but see it as a lesson in how to immerse yourself in something for the sake of your art rather than an excuse for me to rant about Christmas movies in the middle of June.

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