Thursday, May 17, 2012

Insect-Inspired Fashion

 The lovely Jasmine Oh gives me her best catwalk in the Cornell Fashion Collective's annual spring runway show.  As a first year designer, I only got to enter one piece, i.e. this one, so I spent a heck of a lot of time on it.  The bodice is some weird synthetic material I got on sale, with a chiffon and rayon satin skirt and chiffon train.  I ''rubberized" the train with a lattice design done with - literally - silicon bathtub caulking.  The effect is actually so cool.  A Carnegie Mellon University costume design course - thank you Professor Brian Russman - introduced me the ways of rubber; and there are many, make no mistake.  Then I made a sort of partial crinoline with lavender rubber coated wire from the hardware store (sweet find, no idea what the practical purpose of such a product is), jewelry wire, and glass beads.  I also forgot to wear shoes for the picture below.  schwoops.  (The above photo is Dave Burbank photography, the next two are unknown...stolen via facebook, and the rest are by Tina Chau.  To see more photography by Tina - )   

P.S.  Yes, the dress was inspired by a rather insane looking bug I discovered on my patio a while back and photographed avidly.  And apparently since lost the photos of which.

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