Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Contrasting Fashion Shows

Children's clothing project for freshman fashion majors, displayed at the end-of-semester show
(Waiting patiently in the studio to be wheeled out)
Condom couture for HIV and AIDS fundraiser
My lovely model, Jillian
I made this dress from knit fabric and, literally, (unlubricated) condoms. My hands smelled like latex for a week, but it was actually really fun to experiment with the unusual media. The little skirt and top are a child's size four, made from a grey cotton twill and red knit with a little spandex for easy movement (for my very rambunctious and playful model, the adorable and headless size 4 baby mannequin).

Get ready for fashion week!! I hope you've all been keeping up, but if not, I will get some highlights up here asap.


  1. Love this Maddie!! Great work! I will have to photograph some of these amazing creations of yours when you come back to Pittsburgh.

    Miss you!


  2. I would love that!!
    Miss you too!