Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jungle Fashion Show

So a couple of these pieces you've seen before, but I chose them to show in a jungle themed fashion show that I co-planned as creative director this spring. It pretty much ate up my entire life, but I loved it all the more for doing so. Brand new for the show, however, is this leotard and train that transforms from a tree I designed and partially constructed (with a LOT of help from tech kids and the artistry of the boy in vines - he consented to help my model Meghan tackle the fabric-draped stairs in heels, so naturally we turned him into a Tarzan-meets-Adam-with-Eve-in-Eden mash-up) into a runway ready opener for the show. The train was clipped onto her waist and velcro-ed onto the wooden tree silhouette, and when she walked, it de-velcro-ed (inventive verb there) and voila - a foliage gown!

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