Sunday, January 2, 2011

Agatha's spring 2011

Of course, I have sought is Agatha de la Ruiz Prada's, first shown in Madrid. Just in case anyone was wondering what she's been up to lately, her pieces are as playful and colorwonderful as always. They just bring a smile to my face; I can't help it. Not to mention, I've never before seen a leotard that I actually liked. This could be more a result of the fact that leotards tend to crop up on Rihanna and Katy Perry than anything else, however.
Side note: I just googled Katy Perry to make sure she's a "k-a-t-y" and not a "k-a-t-i-e", and her name came up as the first google suggestion after I'd only typed the letters "k" and "a". Isn't there something that begins "k-a..." that is more frequently searched than Katy Perry? Now make no mistake, I quite enjoy the majority of her music for whatever it may be worth, but honestly? Kangaroos, kayaking, Katherine of Aragon, kaa...ok I'm out.

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