Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Wrong Way To Do Ruffles

This vest just makes it look like there are jellyfish coming out of my armpits. There is simply no other way to describe it.
Oh wait, perhaps the designer of said vest predicted my shopping excursion during which I tried on this creative-endeavor-gone-wrong, and also preemptivley knew that I would be wearing my favorite kissing sea horses shirt from Urban Outfitters. He/she was going for a smallish ocean creature type theme? Or is that an overly self-centered way to look at things?

OK, wrong again. I actually made it to the dressing room with this one, thinking it had a kind of Prada-fairies-gone-pink feel. Then I tried it on. I was under the impression that an empire waist was supposed to highlight some aspect of one's waist, namely the under-bust? Now I look like a completely metamorphosed jellyfish, with no boobs.
Nevertheless, I will admit that ruffles are fun no matter what, but stick to somewhat figure-hugging shapes when you brave those tiered masses of fabric. They can easily be confused with tentacled aquatic organisms, a look I do not advocate.