Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mrs. Kelly in Ali Rahimi for Mon Atelier

Patricia Ward Kelly (again) this time in a custom gown by Ali Rahimi for Mon Atelier.
Ali Rahimi has designed her gown for the Gene Kelly Awards for Excellence in High School Musical Theatre the last nine years and she immediately took the opportunity to rave about how wonderful he is when I asked his name. Mrs. Kelly recommends checking out some of his other work at or visiting his boutique in LA. She so kindly sent me some details over facebook about the piece she is wearing in these photos (which are also taken from facebook, not sure who was behind the lense).
The picture below shows off the gold flecks in the fabric a bit better (made of metallic brocade and with "a subtle pattern like snake skin," she says) and reveals the red silk charmeuse lining exposed in the folds of her train. This picture also features the red silk wrap that "Ali created as an accent for the black and gold." The gloves are black leather and she paired it all with Mon Atelier red satin pumps and gold earrings that Gene gave her "many, many years ago." An sexy and modern look with all the class and glamour of an Old Hollywood movie premier.

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