Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Alas, my out-of-school uniform: leggings and anything that covers my butt enough not to require pants (I'm not personally comfortable with the leggings and t-shirt here-is-everything-I've-got-in-plain-view look). The fact that the legging trend has managed to not only make a come-back from the 80s but also to stick around these past few seasons after seasons, salvaged with only a select group of delectable treasures from the ever-changing wardrobes of fashionistas world wide speaks to its unique practicality and versitility, and it has spoiled me; I cannot stand wearing a binding pair of jeans anymore! It's leggings, dress, or bust. Of course, there is always the romper, but that is a rave review for a later date.

(dress from Nordstrom BP, Me Too studded flats, Forever21 leggings, American Eagle necklace)

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