Friday, May 28, 2010

Patricia Ward Kelly: proof that fashion recycles itself

I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Patricia Kelly (writer and wife of the late musical theatre legend, Gene Kelly) last night, and upon my request, she allowed me to photograph her for House of Violet because I loved her military jacket. She enthusiastically volunteered the information that her pants were from Banana Republic and that the blouse and jacket have been a part of her wardrobe since she was in college. I won't reveal her age, on grounds of customary politeness, but she probably purchased these pieces about thirty years ago. Hence, trends not only reappear, but often reappear in almost exactly the same form. Her jacket featured in the picture below is, in fact, the height of fashion currently, despite its age. Current, yet vintage - a beautiful paradox!

I'm also anxiously awaiting seeing her again on Saturday, when she will be sporting a custom designed gown by an LA designer and friend of hers. More details when I have pictures!

I really hate that there is a trash can in the background. I don't know how I didn't notice that when taking the picture.


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  2. Thanks so much! I'll definitely take a look