Saturday, May 22, 2010

My own flapper-style dress

Very brief tutorial in fashion construction styles, taken from a lengthier lesson courtesy of Professor Charlotte Jirousek of Cornell University: STYLE 1 - seamless, examples include togas, saris, wraps, etc. STYLE 2 - semi-fitted, examples include any garments with essentially straight side seams (so that the garment does not fit the curves of the body), particularly the flapper style of the 1920s which was intended to minimize the female figure. STYLE 3 - tailored, began with suits of armor which had to fit perfectly to allow soldiers to move, now includes anything that hugs one's figure. STYLE 4 - tailored to exaggerate, prime example being the tiny waists and strong hips and shoulders of the Elizabethan era and the recently returned power shoulders of the 80's.

Sorry if that was a terrible bore, but if you ever bring it up in conversation, you will sound very educated. I feel I should always pass along the very minimal amounts of information I receive on anything fashion related under the assumption that maybe one person who reads about it will be interested and able to use it for something.

Below is a project I did to reflect the semi-fitted style of construction (2), channeling the 20's with a drop waist and sailor neckline.

(shoes - Unlisted by Kenneth Cole, modeled by Meghan)
Sorry the dress got a bit washed out; natural lighting doesn't always agree with my very low-tech camera.

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