Friday, March 26, 2010

You may never have to wash your hair again...

Of course, I would never advocate poor hygiene, but in a pinch, you might need to cheat a little, so I am sharing a most amazing discovery I just made. You may have heard people say that if your hair looks greasy, just put baby powder on it, to absorb the oil. Does anyone besides me see the resemblance between baby powder and dandruff?! That is the worst advice I have ever heard.

I was thinking to myself, if only there was baby powder that was brown (before realizing how gross that would look), and I then I thought - BRONZER. I tried it, and here's the thing: not only does it actually remove any appearance of oil in your hair, but since most bronzers are shimmery, it makes your hair catch the light more, too! Not to mention that my hair is darker than my bronzer (good thing, or I would look like a squirrel, or a hedgehog, with it on my face) so it gives my hair a sun-kissed look on top.

I realize this may sound like I've gone insane, rubbing cosmetics in my hair, but it is literally a miracle fix, and without buying a new product at that.

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