Monday, March 8, 2010

Of course, I had to do an Oscars post

I'm sorry if this is all stuff you've seen already, as everyone reports on Academy Awards red carpet fashion, but people can't seem to get enough of it. Overall, I thought it was a good year. People seemed to dress their age, consider their body types and what would be flattering, and there were no major disasters. But no matter what, someone has to get the best-dressed award and somebody has to spend the next ten years living down the biggest mistake (and seeing pictures of the mistake EVERYWHERE).

In my humble opinion, these are the best, worst, and sorely misunderstood fashion choices:

This is my favorite by far. No other reports have seemed to find Rachel McAdam's dress to be particularly praise-worthy, but I think it's gorgeous. It looks like a Monet, but it's actually by designer Elie Saab. picture from, Getty images
On a runway, this probably would have been well received, especially with the current underwear-on-the-outside trend in full swing, but in real life? Or at least the level of reality that pertains to the red carpet? Sorry, it's weird.
This, on the other hand, has been praised everywhere it is pictured, but I have to disagree with the positive attention. I think people see something very unusual and not technically "wrong" and feel like they have to be laudatory or they will seem ignorant. They forget to just objectively look at a garment and judge for themselves based purely on aesthetics rather than trends and shock value. From a design perspective, this gown is very impressive. Objectively, I think it looks like a sea creature, and it shows off an unflattering portion of her hip. I hate to offend anyone, but I realize I do not have a particularly wide audience, so I'm not too concerned about voicing my opinions at this point.
designer Marchesa on Vera Farmiga
picture from, Getty images

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  1. ... That's the dress in the front row, isn't it?