Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hate to break it to you, but it's not actually spring yet

Despite the constant wave of spring catalogs, fashion magazines, advertisements, and beachy store-front window motifs, it's still March, and in a lot of places that means SNOW. Or at least mercilessly low temperatures. So as tempting as it may be to whip out the florals, flip flops, and fair-weather friendly outfits, RESIST. Honestly, no white shoes until at least mid-late April, wherever you live. I don't really buy the waiting until Memorial Day rule, but between Labor Day and a month or two from now, pick another color.

Also, I see so many girls flouncing around in flowery sun dresses or tube tops when there is still snow on the ground. How does that possibly make sense? And sorry, putting a cardigan over something doesn't automatically make it seasonal, even if it keeps you a bit warmer. Fashion is not all about functionality; if it were, it wouldn't be nearly as popular.

I realize I am kind of being a downer with this post; everyone wishes spring would get here already, so why can't we anticipate a little with some seasonly advanced fashion fixtures? Here are some positive reasons to hold off on you spring wardrobe a little longer:
  • If you're a true shopper in the first place, you probably still have tons of winter clothes that aren't tired out yet.
  • If you really don't, winter stuff is on clearance now, while the more seductive spring pieces are full price if not racked up ridiculously high.
  • It's COLD.
  • Wearing springy pieces may make you happy for a little while, but when warm weather doesn't come around for awhile, it will probably just make you more depressed.
  • What do you plan to do when June comes around and you've exhausted not only your wallet, but your wardrobe? If I started wearing spring stuff now, I would certainly not have enough cute outfits to last me through August.
  • It just LOOKS BAD. and that is a fact. (ok, so not a very positive one)
So start shopping now if you really can't take it, but save your purchases for a later debut. The longer you wait, the more savory it will be. And that is also a fact.

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