Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cornell Design League Fashion Show

On Saturday, March 13th, I was privileged enough to attend this amazing event put on entirely by students at Cornell University. The level of professionalism achieved by the club, the Cornell Design League, was impressive, to say the least; and all of the clothes were designed and constructed by students outside of their already demanding courses. Here are a few pictures I managed to capture despite my enthrallment with the show and poor photography skills:

First year designers made one outfit for the show, second years made two, and third and four time participants were eligible to design full collections, so the show was long but very diverse. Each collection designer got to choose their own music and lighting to compliment the overall theme or idea behind their lines. Everything was exceptionally constructed, and there was notable growth and improvement from first year to fourth year designs. Overall, it was an inspiring display of upcoming talent.

Six high school students, including myself, were recognized for our entries (out of 300-some) in Cornell's first high school fashion design contest at this event, as well (hence why we got to go). I realize I am bragging pretty badly here, but it was such a consolation to know that someone else actually liked something I designed, since my main life aspiration to work in the fashion industry.

Being presented with my third place award (4-way tie with Tiffany Dang, Yael Weisenfeld and Demi Yang) by professor Susan Ashdown of the Fiber Science and Apparel Design department.

At the right of this picture is first place winner Sarah Song, whose design was actually constructed by one of the CDL designers. Below is a better picture of the garment. Second place went to Yea Won Kim (second in from left).


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