Monday, March 29, 2010

What brings more satisfaction than a new pair of shoes?

Very little. In fact, nothing comes to mind.

Remember that special shoe for spring I talked about a little while ago? Well, from time to time, I do take my own advice: I just bought these at an airport Nine West while my flight was delayed. WORTH IT.

Friday, March 26, 2010

You may never have to wash your hair again...

Of course, I would never advocate poor hygiene, but in a pinch, you might need to cheat a little, so I am sharing a most amazing discovery I just made. You may have heard people say that if your hair looks greasy, just put baby powder on it, to absorb the oil. Does anyone besides me see the resemblance between baby powder and dandruff?! That is the worst advice I have ever heard.

I was thinking to myself, if only there was baby powder that was brown (before realizing how gross that would look), and I then I thought - BRONZER. I tried it, and here's the thing: not only does it actually remove any appearance of oil in your hair, but since most bronzers are shimmery, it makes your hair catch the light more, too! Not to mention that my hair is darker than my bronzer (good thing, or I would look like a squirrel, or a hedgehog, with it on my face) so it gives my hair a sun-kissed look on top.

I realize this may sound like I've gone insane, rubbing cosmetics in my hair, but it is literally a miracle fix, and without buying a new product at that.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have such a great big sis...

Even if she is not a follower of my blog! - which she is not, to date. Regardless, Allie very flatteringly wrote about my style tips in her awesome weekly column in Her Campus online magazine. Each week, she writes about something she has learned throughout her college/life experience to pass on to other students at her own university and beyond! She will probably be a famous writer of some sort any day now, so watch out.

I figured I may as well put the link to the article in today's post since it is a good overview of my opinions on everyday style. Although there are considerably more than the ten included, to be frank, but Allie keeps it simple and tactful. ish. Way to go girl.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Rocks

Like the recurring shoes? They are the bright and shining light of my collection, maybe just because they are my only purple pair. Or the fact that I basically have supermodel proportions when I wear them because they make me about 5'10'' but still the same weight. That is the beauty of five inch heels, and if you can still climb rocks in them, why ever not?
Thanks to my photographer, Missa, for these. They look very professional. You're pretty much Nigel Barker.
Steve Madden shoes, Metro Station skirt, Hollister blouse, Abercrombie and Fitch tank top, Mikimoto pearls.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meghan models my dress in the nun grotto

For explanation of the "nun grotto," see post from feb. 19th.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cornell Design League Fashion Show

On Saturday, March 13th, I was privileged enough to attend this amazing event put on entirely by students at Cornell University. The level of professionalism achieved by the club, the Cornell Design League, was impressive, to say the least; and all of the clothes were designed and constructed by students outside of their already demanding courses. Here are a few pictures I managed to capture despite my enthrallment with the show and poor photography skills:

First year designers made one outfit for the show, second years made two, and third and four time participants were eligible to design full collections, so the show was long but very diverse. Each collection designer got to choose their own music and lighting to compliment the overall theme or idea behind their lines. Everything was exceptionally constructed, and there was notable growth and improvement from first year to fourth year designs. Overall, it was an inspiring display of upcoming talent.

Six high school students, including myself, were recognized for our entries (out of 300-some) in Cornell's first high school fashion design contest at this event, as well (hence why we got to go). I realize I am bragging pretty badly here, but it was such a consolation to know that someone else actually liked something I designed, since my main life aspiration to work in the fashion industry.

Being presented with my third place award (4-way tie with Tiffany Dang, Yael Weisenfeld and Demi Yang) by professor Susan Ashdown of the Fiber Science and Apparel Design department.

At the right of this picture is first place winner Sarah Song, whose design was actually constructed by one of the CDL designers. Below is a better picture of the garment. Second place went to Yea Won Kim (second in from left).


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Act of Kindness

So in religion class we keep talking about random acts of kindness, which are not really random because the teacher tells us to do them, but I witnessed a real one today. I was shopping for fabric for the two fashion shows I'm designing for this spring, and I was up to about $90 worth of stuff (mainly tulle) in my cart and thinking to myself, "Christ on a bike, how am I paying for this?" And what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a little old lady with coupons out the wazoo. And she just gave them to me! I ended up spending $38 for all the materials for two very complicated outfits.

I'm attempting my first romper for these shows. . . this could be interesting with my sewing skills. I got home and was suddenly rather overwhelmed. I have probably 20 yards of tulle all together for all of the giant flowers involved in my designs. I do not know where to begin.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Of course, I had to do an Oscars post

I'm sorry if this is all stuff you've seen already, as everyone reports on Academy Awards red carpet fashion, but people can't seem to get enough of it. Overall, I thought it was a good year. People seemed to dress their age, consider their body types and what would be flattering, and there were no major disasters. But no matter what, someone has to get the best-dressed award and somebody has to spend the next ten years living down the biggest mistake (and seeing pictures of the mistake EVERYWHERE).

In my humble opinion, these are the best, worst, and sorely misunderstood fashion choices:

This is my favorite by far. No other reports have seemed to find Rachel McAdam's dress to be particularly praise-worthy, but I think it's gorgeous. It looks like a Monet, but it's actually by designer Elie Saab. picture from, Getty images
On a runway, this probably would have been well received, especially with the current underwear-on-the-outside trend in full swing, but in real life? Or at least the level of reality that pertains to the red carpet? Sorry, it's weird.
This, on the other hand, has been praised everywhere it is pictured, but I have to disagree with the positive attention. I think people see something very unusual and not technically "wrong" and feel like they have to be laudatory or they will seem ignorant. They forget to just objectively look at a garment and judge for themselves based purely on aesthetics rather than trends and shock value. From a design perspective, this gown is very impressive. Objectively, I think it looks like a sea creature, and it shows off an unflattering portion of her hip. I hate to offend anyone, but I realize I do not have a particularly wide audience, so I'm not too concerned about voicing my opinions at this point.
designer Marchesa on Vera Farmiga
picture from, Getty images

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hate to break it to you, but it's not actually spring yet

Despite the constant wave of spring catalogs, fashion magazines, advertisements, and beachy store-front window motifs, it's still March, and in a lot of places that means SNOW. Or at least mercilessly low temperatures. So as tempting as it may be to whip out the florals, flip flops, and fair-weather friendly outfits, RESIST. Honestly, no white shoes until at least mid-late April, wherever you live. I don't really buy the waiting until Memorial Day rule, but between Labor Day and a month or two from now, pick another color.

Also, I see so many girls flouncing around in flowery sun dresses or tube tops when there is still snow on the ground. How does that possibly make sense? And sorry, putting a cardigan over something doesn't automatically make it seasonal, even if it keeps you a bit warmer. Fashion is not all about functionality; if it were, it wouldn't be nearly as popular.

I realize I am kind of being a downer with this post; everyone wishes spring would get here already, so why can't we anticipate a little with some seasonly advanced fashion fixtures? Here are some positive reasons to hold off on you spring wardrobe a little longer:
  • If you're a true shopper in the first place, you probably still have tons of winter clothes that aren't tired out yet.
  • If you really don't, winter stuff is on clearance now, while the more seductive spring pieces are full price if not racked up ridiculously high.
  • It's COLD.
  • Wearing springy pieces may make you happy for a little while, but when warm weather doesn't come around for awhile, it will probably just make you more depressed.
  • What do you plan to do when June comes around and you've exhausted not only your wallet, but your wardrobe? If I started wearing spring stuff now, I would certainly not have enough cute outfits to last me through August.
  • It just LOOKS BAD. and that is a fact. (ok, so not a very positive one)
So start shopping now if you really can't take it, but save your purchases for a later debut. The longer you wait, the more savory it will be. And that is also a fact.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cautionary Measures

I am part of the NordstromBP fashion board and we were just discussing today how distressed clothing is back. I have always considered distressed jeans to be one of those pieces that walks a fine line between looking cool and looking trashy to just silly, and I think the same goes for the new pieces that people are suddenly ripping up as well. Ripped up tops? Can't say I've ever seen one I remotely like, but leggings? Like I said, it depends, but in the right context - yes please. Got several compliments on this outfit last weekend:

Pardon the freakishly pale foundation; I was headed to closing night of my musical.