Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day at musical rehearsal

This is my it's-the-day-after-Valentine's-day-and-we're-making-up-a-snowday-at-school-even-though-it's-a-holiday-so-we-get-to-wear-pink-instead-of-our-uniforms outfit. Very basic, it is true, since we still have a pretty strict dress code even while out of uniform, but it gets the job done (for that boyfriend I absolutely do not have, or want).

I love this ruffle blouse because even with a loose sweater over it, the cinched waist makes me look quite thin, if I do say so myself. Also, if you are not particularly well-endowed in the chest department, like myself, I recommend tops like this one because they are not too low cut and embellished where it counts.

These shots are taken on the set of my high school musical Beauty and the Beast, more specifically on the "grand" staircase. You may be seeing more of this set as we are in tech week right now - I am basically never home. Special thanks to my lovely photographer and friend Missa (I don't do too well with my camera's self-timer so you may be seeing more of her work as well).

J. Crew sweater, Delia's jeans, Steve Madden boots, oh and of course my heart shaped Urban Outfitters earings because if you can't be a bit tacky on Valentine's Day when can you?? (not to mention I got them in sale for 1.89 so they're just so satisfying to wear.)

There is something you should know right off the bat I suppose: I am a born shopper but I also happened to be born with a budget. Aside from formal wear, I don't think I own any single piece that is over $100, which may seem like a travesty to the average fashionista, but I manage well enough.

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