Friday, February 26, 2010

The sky has to run out of snow eventually

We've officially reached record breaking snowfall where I live, so this is the wintery outfit I've picked out while off school. I don't wear fur - not that I could afford it - so what I've put together is not the expected, I suppose.
P.S. Remind me never to become interested in modeling. I seem to lose control of my faculties when trying to look good for a camera. But you get the idea clothing-wise, and success with the self-timer! yes!

BCBG tweed skirt and sweater, forever21 knee socks (I know, sneaky, thought they were tights didn't you?), J.Crew necklaces, Jessica Simpson pumps, and NordstromBP cloche hat - my favorite purchase this winter. Gotta love the 20s.

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