Saturday, February 13, 2010

My First Post...

It's surprisingly intimidating starting a blog. Exciting, but intimidating. I keep having to remind myself that this is my blog and I don't need it to live up to anyone else's expectations. Especially as I don't think anyone is necessarily expecting it.

I suppose I should start by thanking fashion bloggers like Jane Aldridge, Tavi, and Hanneli for inspiring me to start my own blog, and teenvogue, for exposing me to the blogging scene as a whole. (Is it just me or should there be a synonym or two for "blog"? I just used the word about a MILLION times.)

I decided to start a style blog (a million and one) because fashion is one of the most fascinating and alluring fields to which I've been exposed in my life. I hope to enter the industry at some point, but for now I am merely an innocent and awed bystander who happens to have a lot of opinions. I hope some of these opinions will be enlightening, or at least interesting, to the readers I (potentially) will acquire. These could end up being my immediate family members, I realize, but I can only hope for the best at this premature stage in my blogging career.

Why "House of Violet?" It really just came to me, as cheesy as that sounds, but I guess it's sort of a combination between house-of-blues and a house of fashion, and purple is my favorite color. It has been since I was old enough to have a favorite color, so I figure it's one thing that won't change anytime soon. Also, violet just sounds nicer than purple.

My position on the "essence" of fashion is probably less developed than it should be for someone in my borderline-fanatical condition, but I think fashion can serve many purposes at once. I recently sat in on a design class at Cornell University and learned that fashion (when defined as frequently changing trends in the clothing industry) began in the 17th century during the reign of King Louis XIV of France. He mandated the changing and following of trends in his court because apparently he practically owned the textile industry; if everyone had to get all new wardrobes each season, he earned big time.

This obviously gives fashion a somewhat superficial, money-making face, but just because its origins seem meaningless doesn't mean it hasn't developed into much more since then. Now, I think fashion can be creative expression, a reflection of inner beauty, a reflection of culture, an outlet for mood swings, an art form, a way to set yourself apart, or a way to blend in. It defines status, social grouping, personality, and position, and yet can also intentionally defy the very institution of these things. See why I am so awed by it?

Anyways, pardon my tangent of an introduction. I'll actually address specific topics in my future posts. Until then!


  1. hey blog! i follow a few fashion sites myself. here are the links if you're interested:
    good luck!

  2. awe thanks so much
    yeah i know the sartorialist and fashiontoast but i'll be sure to check out the others, thanks!

  3. I'm not much of a fashionista myself, but I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! It's a great thing you're doing here: very sophisticated and interesting. You are very talented, so I hope you keep it up!