Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love You Meghan...

Somehow, I managed to convince my model/friend Meghan to do a shoot for me in this outfit in the snow. It was below freezing at least and I made her wear flip flops! I'm really not a horrible person though, I swear.

I made this skirt out of an old shirt of my dad's and some scrap chiffon as part of a recycling project I'm working on for my art class. Basically I just raid my dad's closet and cut things up - it's great. Plus, menswear has so much more fabric to work with than anything I already own, so you can get more creative. I'll upload some other things I've made in this fashion next time.

Ps. welcome to the "nun grotto" as we like to call the set of this shoot. It's basically a garden/gazebo for the convent next to our school and the only (semi)-attractive part of our landscape, so Megh and I like to get out of class to do shoots here. It's not actually looking to hot in this one though, as the shrubs seem very dead. And it is February.

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