Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Art vs Fashion

My art teacher has asked me to participate in the annual Youth Invasion fashion show at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. I'm so excited, but she told me that it's not really about creating beautiful clothes. The things people enter are apparently crazy avant-garde and unwearable. Making pieces of this nature is something I have always wanted a reason to do, and now I have one. This has, however, brought up somewhat of a dilemma: what is "art" in the context of a fashion show and am I really capable of creating it?

I have always considered fashion to be an art form, as I stated briefly in my first post, but I realize now that I have still been setting it apart from traditional art forms like painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. It's more like the art of architecture, or interior design. It is created for a purpose other than pure creative expression or the desire to convey a particular message. Fashion is based on the practical application of one of the three basic human needs: clothing.

Creating a true work of art that just happens to be in the form of clothing, then, means that I must throw practicality out the window and rely purely on imagination. Ugh. I do not do well with change.

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