Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My biggest fabric explosion yet

I'm working on some folliage for a tree that will morph into the train of dress for a jungle themed fashion show in April. So basically I just bought every kind of green fabric I could find at Joanne's that wasn't totally disgusting, and now I have to make it all look like something. The lady at the cutting counter kept laughing at me.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good News!

Ok, so I've been aweful about House of Violet updates this fall. College took over my life, and I just couldn't justify posting when I had about 9,000 introspective essays to write about my best personal qualities or humanitarian career plans (not to mention design portfolios, resumes, interviews, etc). However...it paid off! Cornell University Apparel Design program, here I come!

So, hopefully I can get back to my blog and actually back to working on designs! In the meantime, here are some last minute pictures I had to take/have taken (thanks Bridget and Erin!) for my portfolio.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Combat Baby, Come Back

Steve Madden boots, TopShop skirt (the one and only USA TopShop, Soho, NYC - best day of my life), Nordstrom BP sweater, knee socks from - indeed - the school uniform store

I almost missed it, but it's fall!

What better way to hide that school uniform than to take advantage of the season's nose-nipping air with an eye-catching patterned jacket and red cloche hat?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Wrong Way To Do Ruffles

This vest just makes it look like there are jellyfish coming out of my armpits. There is simply no other way to describe it.
Oh wait, perhaps the designer of said vest predicted my shopping excursion during which I tried on this creative-endeavor-gone-wrong, and also preemptivley knew that I would be wearing my favorite kissing sea horses shirt from Urban Outfitters. He/she was going for a smallish ocean creature type theme? Or is that an overly self-centered way to look at things?

OK, wrong again. I actually made it to the dressing room with this one, thinking it had a kind of Prada-fairies-gone-pink feel. Then I tried it on. I was under the impression that an empire waist was supposed to highlight some aspect of one's waist, namely the under-bust? Now I look like a completely metamorphosed jellyfish, with no boobs.
Nevertheless, I will admit that ruffles are fun no matter what, but stick to somewhat figure-hugging shapes when you brave those tiered masses of fabric. They can easily be confused with tentacled aquatic organisms, a look I do not advocate.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Amazingly soft and strecthy silk jersey from B&J
Surprisingly, a wool material made in Italy; also from B&J
Random experimentation with rather crappy fabric people have given to me over the years because they know I'll end up doing something with it out of desperation; I do this a lot with my dress form. I don't actually cut or sew any of the fabric; it's just fun to practice draping without consequences or the possibility of making a mistake.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gold Sequins

The problem with department store shopping (my feelings for Nordstrom are too strong to be healthy) is that any time I actually find a size 0, I feel like it's fated that I should purchase whatever it is that will actually fit me. Whether it be a not-particularly-classy corset, a nondescript v-neck sweater, or a formal dress that posesses no forseeable occasion in my life, I try it on when I see that tiny "O" on the label. For example, this dress:
I have not purchased it yet, although it is reasonably priced, because I already own a gold sequin dress, but sleeves like these are very different from sleeveless, (the condition of the one in my closet already) right?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


A most amazing hat that I had to pragmatically resisted buying from the Frick Art Collection Gift Shop
I got some gorgeous floral silk jersey and an interesting wool knit, geometric-patterned fabric here. I can't wait to do something with them...
Heading out to 5th avenue to shop. Window shop, that is.
Comme des Garcons
This is how awful of a tourist I am, and how excited I get about clothes: did I take pictures of the Statue of Liberty? No. Did I even want to go there? No, my mother insisted. Did I take pictures in front of any of the theatres I went to? Or in Grand Central Station or Central Park? No, no, and furthermore, no. But obviously, I embarrassingly took photos of the mannequins in Sax Fifth Avenue and of all the wonderful things in Versace that I will never be able to afford. My sister almost killed me, and the bouncers at Sax tried to burn holes into me with their eyes as they whispered into their little head sets. WORTH IT.
At Sax. I couldn't figure out who this is by.
Vera Wang
I saw at least three tweed jumpers I loved at Sax, and I was formerly quite opposed to tweed for the under 45 set. I would wear this in a heartbeat.
At Versace. I literally almost peed in this store. Versace is one of my top...at least five favorite designers and I actually touched some of the pieces. I realize, of course, that the price is for the name, but the quality and structural integrity of the garments took my breath away. My sister can testify.
Probably the best view in New York.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to Basics

My leopard sweater. Obviously.

And my torn-up leggings. What more is there, honestly?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's been so long...

So sorry I have completely neglected House of Violet for...I do not even know how long. I've been taking a summer course at Cornell Univeristy, which is eating me alive, by the way, so I haven't had much time for photo shoots or sewing. I have been on the look out for well-made fashion decisions on campus, however, and here are a few finds. I've actually run into fair amount of style since I got here two weeks ago, but there is only so much creepiness I am willing to undergo for the sake of my blog, so I don't have pictures of every interesting outfit I have witnessed, sadly.